Kevin Healy - Guitarist

Finally at the age of seven and a half, after 7549 warnings Kevin finally got his hands on his fathers guitar. Ten minutes later he could play the theme from Dr. Who and decided he was going to be Hank Marvin. Unfortunately there was already a Hank Marvin and he continues to be a lifelong hero.

Since then and thanks to the talent and encouragement of guitar teachers Mrs Nettleton, (who allegedly taught Hank Marvin ) Tony Carson and finally at the Royal Academy of Music Michael Lewin, Kevin's guitar has been heard by over 100,000,000 people. Including, The Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Prince William, Prince Harry, The King and Queen of Jordan, President Bill Clinton, Koffi Annan, Colin Powell and Terry Wogan. A couple of million people will have heard Kevin play in London's West End over 30 years and nearly 40 shows. Many more will have heard him on TV including, "The Two Ronnies", "Dick Emery", "That's Life", and "Top of the Pops". Some of you may even own records on which he played or perhaps you may have heard him on the radio most recently on Catherine Howe's Album "Princelet Street"

Kevin is currently busy writing recording, producing music and making tea in his studio GraceNotes, Occasionally doing gigs with his band "The Soul Police" and reading Harry Potter, He is excited to have launched his record label "Joey's Jukebox" in December 2008. The first release will be "Skuffle" early in 2009. More details at

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